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Social Purpose

 The “Social Purpose” Programmes 

The main priority of the "Social Enterprise" is the provision of comprehensive “Community and Social Development” services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families in the poverty stricken communities of the Overstrand.  

The "Social Purpose" programmes have been established to "Paint a Rainbow of Hope and Opportunity" by  eliminating poverty, crime, malnutrition, hunger and child mortality in the Overstrand communities.  

This is achieved through the 5 existing integrated "Social Purpose" programmes that focus on 5 activities - "feeding", "clothing", "supporting", "protecting" and "educating" our children and families. These programmes reach over 1,000 children and disadvantaged people every year. 

These programmes are funded by “grant funding” from government, funding agencies, businesses and individuals, however the funding is unpredictable and erratic which is impacting the on-going sustainability of these programmes.    

For this reason the Board of Trustees and the Management Team were prompted to develop a comprehensive "Sustainability Strategy" to estblish commercial business activities whose surplus revenue (profits) will be used to fund and support these "Social Purpose" Programmes by January 2019. 

The 5 existing "Social Purpose" programmes are all integrated into our highly successful, world class, “Parenting Worx” programme, developed and implemented in conjunction with Stellenbosch University. 

1. “Parenting Worx” this comprehensive holistic programme is our flagship programme which provides parenting, life and “early childhood development” skills to disadvantaged families and young expectant mothers, one day a week throughout the year. The “Parenting Worx” programme has exceeded all our expectations and has also become a “Community Association” with a “trusted and caring” image that enables members to openly discuss community problems, especially, crime, rape and abuse, knowing that our Social Workers will protect their identity, but ensure that the information is referred to the appropriate authorities for further action. Members also participate in various extramural bonding activities including, choirs, netball teams, African dance, sewing, knitting and beadwork and the community vegetable gardens. Importantly there is also a men’s programme with regular “outreach” camps that focuses on domestic violence, substance and alcohol abuse, and the skills to rebuild relationships and family structures. We currently have a total of 450 families registered across the Overstrand, with 150 in our regular weekly core group attending sessions. 
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2. The Children's Circle of Support – focuses on orphans and vulnerable children, especially those living in child headed households, and provides psycho-social support, 2 meals a day and after-school activities that are designed to prevent the children from being recruited into gangs and the terrible consequences resulting from that. We currently have over 200 children in this programme. 

3. The HIV Awareness and Prevention Programme -This programme is presented to over 1,000 school children a year and we have 8 specialist HIV Support groups for adults and children with an average of 12 people attending each group every week. These groups have achieved amazing results in rebuilding the dignity and confidence of the participants and enabling them to be accepted in society.  

4. The "Sponsor a Child" programme - This programme provides support to disadvantaged children to enable them to attend Grade R and primary school, including school fees, uniforms, school bags and stationery. We currently have 42 children in this programme.  This programme has been severely impacted by the recession – dropping from over a hundred children, so if you are interested in "Sponsoring a Child' please contact us urgently. 

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5. The Zwelihle Pre-primary Educare Centre (Grade R) – This is a formal Grade R registered Edu-care Centre with 3 qualified teachers and 96 children currently attending full time classes. These children are being prepared to excel in school and to become future leaders. The Centre has an excellent track record of achieving this over recent years.  

6.  The PEPFAR HIV Support programme (2014) 

The U.S. Ambassador’s HIV and AIDS Community Grants program is funded by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to provide support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. It aims to strengthen prevention, care and health service delivery in communities affected by HIV and AIDS.  In 2014 this programme primarily funded the HRT for "revenue generation" projects incorportaed in our "Business Centre". 

7. The St Vincents du Paul HIV Support Programme  

This programme provides the disadvantaged children in our HIV Support groups with food, refereshments and toiletry parcels as well as clothing and school books and stationery. 

8. The Hermanuspietersfontein "Sondag School" 20/20 Literacy, maths and science learning programme for Grade R learners   

The Hermanuspietersfontein “Fun to Learn” Programme provides children in our pre-school Grade R Educare Centre with tablets and learning applications that will enable children to become aquainted with tablet technology while having fun learning. The initial Applications cover Literacy, Maths, Science and Story telling. 

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"Parenting Worx"   "Sponsor a Child"


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The Community Gardens

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