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 "POVERTY is the root cause of all our Social Problems" 

Poverty is the underlying cause of all the social ill’s being experienced in the poverty ravaged communities of the Overstrand in the Western Cape – South Africa. 

Poverty forces people to survive in any way possible. Unfortunately this creates horriffic consequences. The consequences include gangs, drugs, crime, rape, teenage pregnancies, domestic violence, and the abuse of women and children. 

The Challenges of Living in a Poverty Ravaged Overstrand Community. 

Extreme poverty in ZwelihleThe living conditions in these communities are generally poor with over 50,000 living in small shacks with no fresh water, electricity or sewerage available in the shacks. The unemployment levels are very high (71%) and the literacy levels low, with 59% earning less than R1,200 per month ($120.00) and 4% not having any form of income at all. It is estimated that over 45% are “infected” with HIV, but the reality is that virtually every family is “affected” by HIV in one way or another. 

Tragically this is further aggravated by widespread crime, gangs, drugs, violence, rape, teenage pregnancies, HIV, neglect and the abuse of women and children. 

These devastating conditions, caused by poverty, have created an overwhelming problem that has resulted in the breakdown of family structures, causing single parent families and “child-headed” households with hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families in the Overstrand left destitute.

In addition this has resulted in hundreds of mal-nourished children, children going to bed hungry and unacceptably high mortality rates.

This is  the driving force that motivates the Hermanus Rainbow Trust to dedicate its resources to “Painting a Rainbow of Hope and Opportunity” through the provision of comprehensive “community and social development” services and support to these poverty stricken communities. 

The establishment of the “Social Enterprise” and the associated “Agri-business” and Agro-processing” activities has created the “HOPE and OPPORTUNITY” for us to achieve our VISION of reducing poverty, malnutrition, hunger, child mortality and crime in the Overstrand.

FundingUnfortunately providing comprehensive services and support to alleviate poverty and reducing crime requires extensive funding.

Please consider supporting our Vision of "Rebuilding the fabric of Society in the poverty ravaged communities of the Overstrand"  by making a donation to one of our "Causes". Find out more about our curreent funding needs.  


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