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"Sponsor a Child"

  The "Sponsor a Child" Programme  

- "Painting a Rainbow of Hope and Opportunity" for our children.

Although October is “World Hunger Month”, all of us at the Hermanus Rainbow Trust see every month as a “Hunger Month” for the hundreds of Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Disadvantaged Families in the poverty ravaged communities of the Overstrand. To assist us to alleviate hunger and combat malnutrition, we are hoping that you will consider supporting our orphans and vulnerable children by sponsoring a child. Your sponsorship will “make a huge difference” in the life of a disadvantaged child who on most days will go to school hungry, and often go to bed hungry. We see an immediate change in all of the orphans and vulnerable children that we support through the generous donations of our Sponsors, and strive to assist them in any way possible to enable them to live a better quality of life and to achieve at school.   

“Sponsor a Child” Programme

We have 4 sponsorship options in the “Sponsor a Child” programme, each providing the children with basic needs according to their personal circumstances, which is assessed by the Social Carers that visit the children, parents and teachers on a regular basis. The Social Carer’s who work with our children submit monthly reports and maintain a “Personal File” for the Social Workers and Management to monitor and evaluate and to take any necessary actions if required. This includes a formal “Referral Programme” that may involve Child Welfare, Police, Hospitals / Clinics and specialist counselling and services for trauma situations, including death, rape, abuse, crime and teenage pregnancies. 

Sponsorship Options
There are 4 options to choose from.
1.    Basic Child Support Programme. This programme is based on a monthly funding donation of R200.00. This provides a basic “food parcel”, toiletries and sundries like books, toys, electricity and paraffin, as required. ( 1 year = R2,400.00)
2.    Basic Development Programme. As schooling and development are such a critical part of the HRT’s mission we use this donation of R300 per month to provide school fees, basic clothing, a food parcel, toiletries and sundries    (1 Year = R3,600.00)
3.    Development Programme. This programme is the same as the Basic Development Programme with a monthly donation of R300, except that there is an additional R300.00 in the first month of each year of the programme to provide the child with a full school uniform. The monthly R300.00 provides a food parcel, toiletries and sundries, based on the child’s personal needs. (1 year = R3,900.00)                                                                        
 4. Special Development Programme.  This programme is the same as the Development Programme but is 

specifically for our children that are in our "sprcial needs" Support Groups who require additional nutritious food and medication. The payment covers the following - a school uniform once a year (R300.00), a special monthly food parcel (R300.00), and a monthly toilet pack and medication (R200.00). A toal of R500.00 per month and R6,300.00 per year.  

If a sponsor chooses to increase any of the “sponsorship” programme donations, either on a monthly basis or as a “one off” donation, we utilise the money for additional nutritious food, clothes, books and educational toys, depending on each child’s circumstances. We also try to take groups of children to the “Wimpy” for an outing once a year and buy them a Christmas and birthday present each year. We encourage our sponsors to assist us with these "special occassions" that our children look so forward to.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in becoming a “Sponsor” with your name and contact details and I will contact you to discuss which  “Sponsorship Option” you are interested in and any other preferences, like, a boy, girl, age, area they live in, etc. 

Once we hear from you, Asanda Poyo, our dedicated “Sponsor a Child” Social Carer will select a child from our current waiting list of needy children, mainly orphans and vulnerable children who desperately need your help. We currently have over 20 children on the waiting list, but many need immediate help to enable them to survive. Once she has selected a child we will create a personal “Profile” and provide you with the details and a short overview of the child’s current living situation with pictures. Thereafter you will get a bi-yearly update on the child’s progress, achievements and aspirations. 

Tax Relief. (South African residents)

The HRT is registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation, (18/11/13/1054) authorising us to issue 18a Tax certificates, which we will gladly do if you request one which will enable you to get tax relief for the donation. 

Payment Options.

1. Direct Monthly Donantion through the Secure Payfast payment system

    Select the Programme of your choice and make the monthly payment here .....  "DONATE NOW"

2. Select a 6 month or  1 year "Sponsor-a-Child" donation payment package   Find out more          

3. Internet Transfer-

Select the programme of your choice and make the monthly payment through an Internet Transfer.

Our Banking Details;
Bank: ABSA Hermanus Branch
Account Holder: Hermanus Rainbow Trust
Account Number: 4057905316
Branch Number:  632005
Payment reference; name / e-mail      or     name / phone

Thank You for your interest in the Hermanus Rainbow Trust and our Programmes. 

Please contact me for any additional information you may require about our “Sponsor a Child” programme, or if you are interested in finding out more about our other programmes.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

My Contact details;
Dave Wreford 
General Manager / Administrator
028 316 4325
082 896 4345


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