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Business Centre

 The "Social Enterprise" Business Centre 

The “Social Enterprise” Business Centre has been established as part of the "Transforming Poverty into Sustainable Prosperity through Agri-business and Agro-processing" project. The Centre will incorporate all of the commercial business activities that the “Social Enterprise” is planning to implement over the next 5 years.(2014 – 2018). These initiatives are all integrated and will be phased in based on the required priority and interrelated business needs. 

The 5 main “Social Enterprise” Business Centre initiatives.

There are 5 main integrated ”Business Centre” commercial initiatives that have been specifically developed to support our vision and mission by reducing poverty, malnutrition, hunger and child mortality, while providing “food security”, jobs and business opportunities for people living in the disadvantaged communities of the Overstrand. 

1. The Management and Administration Centre.

The main purpose of the Centre will be to manage and control all of the business operations and to provide services and support to the “Rural Tunnel Farmers Network” (RTFN), which will include the unique interactive “Agri-business Information Network” (AIN) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) application.

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2. The Agri-business Food Production and Training Centre

Agri-business Tunnel farm - Stanford

This Centre includes the “Food Production Tunnel Farms” and demo facility, the Vermiculture “Wormery” organic fertiliser  operation, the pilot Bio-gas generator, the organic Heritage seedling nursery and the combined Agri-business Training College and the “Trade Centre” Training facility.

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3. The Agro-processing Development and Production Centre which includes 3 processing facilities

  • The “Food Processing” facility includes the convenience processing and packaging operations, as well as making homemade chutneys, jams and sauces
  • The “Functional Foods” facility includes a product development and formulation group together with the production facility which will produce highly nutritious, natural, organic snacks and drinks mainly for children’s school boxes and hospital meals
  • The “Community Bakery” and training facility will produce various artisan breads, rolls, muffins and scones 

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4. The “Rainbow Deli" and the "Organic Lifestyle Shop"  

The Rainbow Deli and the Organic Lifestyle Shop is located in a secure, garden setting at 17 Mimosa Street in the Hermanus Industrial area, behind Gateway Shopping Centre, and opposite Snuffels.  

Come and visit us with your children and friends and enjoy our coffee and freshly baked scones, muffins, cakes and ciabatta sandwiches, and browse our range of natural preservative free organic snacks, drinks, household and body products and fresh organic vegetables, fruit and herbs; while your children play in the secure garden area. 

  • Our "Community Bakery" makes freshly baked products that include artisan and health breads, rolls, berry muffins, scones, cakes and a range of delicious Sandwiches. We only use stone grouind flour with all the healthy wheatgerm and bran intact and no preservatives or additives.  
  • Our "Organic Lifestyle Shop" has comprehensive range of the best local, natural and organic products produced in an environmental, ethical and social sustainable way. We call this our number "O N E" product range. Organic, Natural and Ethical. These include 
    • A wide range of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables, berries and herbs from our Agri-business farm in Stanford as well as from a few selected organic farms in the Overberg 
    • A range of products from the Agro-processing facility. These include homemade chutneys, jams and chilli sauces.

These products are available at the Shop or can be delivered to our  "O N E" CLUB Members that live or work in Heremanus. 

                              Please rember -  every product sold provides at least one meal for our Orphans, Vulnerable Children or Disadvantaged families, who desperately need your support just to survive. 

“Buy 1 – Feed 1”  Help Reduce Poverty and Crime !

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5. The "O N E" CLUB 

The exclusive  "O N E" CLUB  has been established to provide Members with a range of exciting products, benefits and events

The "O N E" CLUB provides Members living or working in Hermanus with a wide range of unique, competitively priced products together with unique benefits. These include the ability to make secure online orders and payments from home or work, and to arrange free deliveries to your home or business during weekdays.  

Membership is free and only requires a simple registration giving us basic information so we can provide you with an efficient order, payment and delivery service, based on your favourite preferences. B&B’s, businesses and restaurants  are also welcome to become members so as to enjoy our special discounts, free deliveries and other benefits only available to Members.

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6. The “Rainbow of Hope” Agri-Tourism and International Volunteer Centre 

The Agri-Tourism Centre offers unique tours in conjunction with PhotoWalkers of Hermanus that will expose poverty through our “Social Purpose” programmes and show how we provide “hope and opportunity” to reduce poverty through our Agri-business and Agro-processing and training facilities. These tours will also include awareness tours for school children.  

Our International Volunteer Centre works in conjunction with ICS. International Citizen Service (ICS) is a once-in-a-lifetime volunteering opportunity open to all 18-25 year olds living in the UK, backed by the UK government. The Hermanus Rainbow Trust is a partner organisation that hosts both UK Volunteers and local volunteers who become involved in both our social support programmes and our business activities through the community and entrepreneurial group of volunteers. 

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