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Management, Admin & Services Centre

 The Management, Administration and Services Centre  

The Management, Administration and Services Centre will be established as part of the non-profit Social Enterprise Business Centre and will controlled and managed by the Hermanus Rainbow Trust, through the Board of Trustees. The “Management and Services Centre will centrally manage and administer the “Social Enterprise” Business Centre and all of the commercial business activities, on behalf of the Hermanus Rainbow Trust. The members of the HRT Board of Trustees will appoint the management team. 

Management and Services
The Centre  will have total accountability for all of the “Social Enterprise” Business Centre commercial business initiatives as well as the provision of various Agri-business services to rural and emerging farmers in the Overstrand. 

  • Managing the “Social Enterprise” Business Centre

The roles of the current “Strategic Planning and Project Management Office will be incorporated into the “Management, Administration and Services Centre” and taken over by the Business Centre Management Team as the business initiative implementation projects are completed and the initiatives become operational. 
The “Business Centre” Management team will be headed up by the Business Development Manager and include the Operations manager and the Administration manager. Marketing and Sales will fall under the Business Development manager, who will report to the Board of Trustees.   

  • Operational Services

Once the Management, Administration and Services Centre becomes operational it will establish and operate 3 main services:
    a) The Rural Tunnel Farmers Network (RTFN)
    b) The Agri-business Information Network (AIN)
    c) The Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)


The Rural Tunnel Farmers Network (RTFN)
The Centre will establish the “Rural Tunnel Farmers Network” (RTFN) whose members who are interested in utilising the Service offerings will be entitled to become members of the RTFN free of charge but will pay for the services as part of the RTFN package. Although RTFN Members will be centrally managed they will be independent "for profit" entities. .

The “Agri-business Information Network” (AIN)
As access to all kinds of information is a critical success factor for farmers, the Centre will establish the unique interactive “Agri-business Information Network” (AIN) which will be available to all RTFN Members for a nominal fee. This smartphone Wifi application will enable farmers / people to establish a customised profile with the information they need. For instance a restaurant might want to know who has the cheapest organic tomatoes ?  and will want to place an order immediately. The producer will want to initiate payment immediately and track delivery. The information will include job and business opportunities, training and skills development, prices of farm produce, people looking for farm produce, people with farm produce available, fresh produce markets , weather, a payment system, a tracking system, distribution sharing and much more.  

The Supply Chain Management System
A critical success factor for emerging Rural farmers is the ability to get their produce to the market, timeously and consistently, to enable them to compete and get supply contracts.

A centrally managed and administered “Distribution Hub” with a high tech “Supply Chain Management” system will be established as part of the “Management, Administration and Services Centre” and be managed and operated by the existing administrative staff. The “Supply Chain Management” system is a logistics and distribution software application package, with payment gateway and accounting links to pastel. It supports barcode and "scale labelling" capturing and printing facilities and utilises a vehicle scheduling and monitoring map system with a GPS tracking facility and vehicle communications.

"Enterprise Development" - Codes of Good Practice
Currently the Codes of Good Practice” require all South African listed companies to invest 3% of their profits after tax to “Enterprise and Supplier Development”, specifically to disadvantaged emerging rural farmers. For the farmers to qualify they must be capable of meeting stringent supply terms and conditions. This can only be achieved by utilising a well-managed “Supply Chain Management” system.

If your business is looking for a triple bottom line - "enterprise and supplier development" partner, please contact us. 


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