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"Rainbow of Hope" Agri-Tourism Centre

"Rainbow of Hope" Agri-Tourism Centre

The "Rainbow of Hope" Agri-Tourism and International Volunteer Centre.

Hermanus is recognised as one of the best “Shark Diving” and “Whale Watching” spots in the world and is blessed with large numbers of Tourists throughout the year. Many of these tourist are eco-tourists who support “green” environmental activities. 

The Tourism Centre will be targeting these tourists to provide unique “Agri-Tourism” tours, including our “Poverty and Hope” tour.

Most tourists are unaware of the fact that we have a number of “poverty stricken” townships in the Overstrand that are home to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families. These are the people that our existing “Community and Social Development” programmes serve and support every day of the year.

With the fast emerging global trend of “social awareness” and “social networks” where people are becoming more aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis, and the difficulties and hardships they endure, we believe that this creates a unique opportunity for us here in the Overstrand. 

The opportunity is to provide our “Poverty and Hope” Tour. This is a unique Tour that takes people to the Hermanus Rainbow Trust Support Centres to meet the children living in poverty, so that the Tourists can experience it first-hand. Then we will take them on a tour of our Agri-business and training facilities, showing various opportunities that give people hope and help them get out of the poverty cycle.

We have also partnered with PhotoWalkers in Hermanus and do a "walk" through the Zwelihle township and visit the homes of our Parenting Worx programme members. Touriusts are cwelcomed into their homes and can interact ith the families and take memorable photos of the whole expertience. 


Agri-tourism has become very popular in the USA and Europe and provides us with new opportunities in the Overstrand with the diversity of farms in this region. 

The Agri-Tourism Centre will be providing a range of tours, including tours of our own Agri-business Tunnel farms and local farms including the Haygrove berry farm, selected Wine Estates, flower farms, fruit farms in the valley and fruit farms in Elgin - plus Pack-house tours. In addition we will target schools as part of an “eco-awareness” programme giving them an opportunity to see an integrated organic food production and processing facility.   

We will also provide General Overstrand Tours to include  - whales, shark diving, abalone, Botanical Gardens, Kleinmond, Hermanus, Stanford, Gansbaai, etc- 

The International Volunteer Centre

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has partnered with 2 International Volunteer organisations - International Citizen Services - UK (ICS) and the Utopia Foundation - USA.

International Citizen Services - UK (ICS)

ICS is the UK’s leading global Volunteering programme for young people who want to do voluntary development work abroad. ICS brings together young people from different countries to fight poverty – with volunteers from the UK working alongside volunteers from the developing world.

ICS works with projects that have specifically requested our help – and where the energy and skills of young volunteers can make a direct impact. Each project is designed to fight poverty and make a lasting difference by working with local people to meet local needs. So when you volunteer with ICS you won’t just think you will make a difference, you’ll know you will.

Utopia Foundation - USA 

Our Partner, the Utopia Foundation (USA) has launched an International Volunteer Programme to serve a new emerging trend of people wanting to take short breaks from their daily hectic and stressful lifestyles and city routines, by volunteering to work on "community or social development" projects around the world.  The Hermanus Rainbow Trusr Social Enterprise projects have been nominated as “volunteer” projects.

The “Global Volunteer Network”, who have placed over 20,000 people over the last 13 years, claim that volunteering overseas on a social purpose project is very rewarding and results in an incredible sense of fulfilment, with 92% of all volunteers highlighting the opportunity to do something meaningful as a key benefit and a life changing experience.

The HRT “Social Enterprise” Volunteer Programme will be launched in partnership with the Utopia Foundation and with Dreamcatcher, a South African based NPO, located in Stilbaai, not far from Hermanus, who are specialists in International Volunteer Programmes, with many years’ experience.    

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