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Vision and Mission

 The "Social Enterprise" Vision and Mission 

After extensive research the Board of Trustees and the Management team decided to re-align our Vision and Mission statements to address the current needs and issues that our poverty stricken communities are experiencing on a daily basis.

Our new Vision is to: 

“Rebuild the Fabric of Society in the Poverty Stricken Communities of the Overstrand” 

By - Reducing poverty, malnutrition, hunger and child mortality, and preparing our children for school and an inclusive, equitable future

“SOCIAL PURPOSE” Mission - To rebuild family structures and restore human dignity by providing disadvantaged families with parenting, life skills, psycho-social counselling and “early childhood development” training and support, to reduce malnutrition, hunger and child mortality and ensure our children are ready for school   

“BUSINESS ACTIVITIES” Mission  - To establish "income generating" business activities whose profits will be used to fund the “Social Purpose” programmes while providing “food security”, jobs and business  opportunities in “Agri-business” and “Agro-processing”, with a focus on reducing poverty, malnutrition and hunger, that will enable families to participate in the economy.

Funding - Unfortunately providing comprehensive services and support to alleviate poverty and reducing crime requires extensive funding.

Please consider supporting our Vision of "Rebuilding the fabric of Society in the poverty ravaged communities of the Overstrand"  by making a donation to one of our "Causes". Find out more about our curreent funding needs.  



Find out more about our "Social Purpose" programmes and "Business Activities"  


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