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Social Enterprise Structure

Social Enterprise Structure

 The "Social Enterprise" Structure 

After consultation with partners, Advisory Board members and various businesses, we decided on a simple but effective Social Enterprise structure with 2 distinct entities. 

  • The existing Social Purpose entity with the 5 community and social development programmes, services and support 
  • The new Social Enterprise Business Centre that will focus on Agri-business and Agro-processing activities, with 5 integrated business initiatives, with the 2 prime objectives of reducing poverty and funding the social purpose programmes by January 2019.

“Social Enterprise” Management 

Both entities will be managed by the Social Enterprise Management team, and will share administration facilities; however the day to day operations will be kept totally independent and managed by the appropriate specialists. 

Vision and Mission

This structure ideally suited to ensure that the "Social Enterprise" achieves the new Vision and Mision. 

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