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 Please Support Us !                                                                         DONATE NOW !    

 "Sponsor-a-Child" and make a difference  

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust is a non-profit Social Enterprise that is still dependent on donations, sponsors and grant funding for our Social Support Programmes. Please consider supporting our orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families.

Our orphans vulnerable children and disadvantaged families are totally dependent on the services and support that our comprehensive "Community and Social Development" programmes provide them.

To assist us to continue to provide these critical services and support we desperately need your support. Please browse the list of our funding "Casuses" and consider making a donation. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference in the lives of our children and disadvantaged families. Just (£) 15 pence, or ($) 23 cents provides a child with a meal and would ensure that the child goes to bed feeling loved, happy and nourished and hopeful about tomorrow !  However, just as important is the stress relief for the mother/father/granny/aunt/ sibling or gaurdian that cares for the child. Not being able to provide for a child places unimaginable strain on a gaurdian.  

Current Funding "Causes"  

Our Causes are divided into 6 Categories.

1. The "Sponsor a Child Programme"  Find out more .....

2. High Priority - These are "Causes" that are critical to the survival of the Trust and its Social Programmes

3. General Fund - The Rainbow General Fund is also critical as it covers many of the day to day administrative expenses that aren,t adequately covered by Funding Agencies. These include rental, the spiralling cost of electricity, stationery, printing, transport, maintenance, training, income generating projects, salaries for management and administrative staff. 

4. Social Enterprise Development Fund - This is a critical Fund as it provides the capital to establish and manage our Social Enterprise business activities through to the break-even point when they become profitable and can start funding our Social Purpose programmes 

5. Planned Causes - These are causes that are critical to the operation but can be planned. These include the replacement of our Vehicles, computer equipment and office equipment.

6. Marketing and Promotion Fund - Unfortunately very few funding agencies cover marketing and promotion campaigns which has become an extremely impiortant apsect of every Social Enterprise. 


1. The Rainbow Trusts Communiuty Support Centre in Zwelihle (Being SOLD !!!)

Unfortuneatly the owners of the building that we have been using for the last 10 years for our community and social support programmes in Zwelihle, are selling the building and we desperately need your suppport to purchase it for the community and for future generations.

The Zwelihle Community Support Centre is the hub of the Hermanus Rainbow Trusts “community and social development’ programmes services and support in Zwelihle. There are 6 key activities that cover all aspects of the services and support that we provide from the Centre.

1.    Feeding

2.    Clothing 

3.    Supporting 

4.    Protecting

5.    Educating 

6.    Entertaining


We feed +- 85 orphans and vulnerable children every week day. We Feed +- 50 Parents attending the Parenting Worx programme once a week. The Centre kitchen is used to prepare food for all of the HRT events


The Centre is used to sort and distribute clothing for both children and adults as well as school uniforms, and blankets – 96  school uniforms, 166 blankets in 2015


The main Community Support is through the Parenting Worx programme that focuses on parenting, life skills and “early childhood development”  We have +- 50 members in Parenting Worx in Zwelihle

We also have Special Care support groups for adults and children


The Centre is safe haven for our children. We provide children “after school” and sporting activities to protect the children from gangs and drug dealers


 Many of the Parenting Worx weekly Sessions are held at the Support Centre and children are assisted with their homework at the Centre


The Centre is used for various events that are organised every year – The Children’s Christmas Party being the most popular

Funding Targets 2015-2016

1.     Purchase Red Cross building in Zwelihle   R175,000.00   (Achieved - 1st December 2015 - THANK YOU ALL !!!!!)

2.     Red Cross property – if purchased – extend security fences and gates  - R30,000.00

3.     Red Cross Property – Container class room facility – R35,000.00

4.     Social Carer Salaries 2016 – One year salary – R445, 200.00  - February 2016

5.     Christmas party – planned for 200 children @ R50.00 present and refreshments R10,000.00  - 4th December 2015 - but donations will be welcome through to February 2016.

6.     Business Rentals and Salaries – bridging funding until businesses break even

a.     Farm – R11,600.00 pm

b.    Bakery, Kitchen and Shop – 18,000.00 pm

7.     New Organic Vegetable Farm – Rental and Salaries – Jan 2016 – July 2016  R120,000.00

8.     Computer Hardware and Software Upgrades – June 2016   R137,700.00

9.     Vehicles Upgrade July 2016 -  Quantum R393,801.93 Current price   Small car – Etios – 144,915.92  Current price

10.  Establishment of a General Fund – R20,000 per month  ASAP

11.  Salaries for new Administrator/ accountant and bookkeeper and driver – April 2016 - not funded -  R25,000.00 per month

12.  Funding for General manager, August 2016 – R22,000.00 per month  



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