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"Sponsor a Social Carer" options

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Here are the details of the various "Sponsor a Social Carer" sponsorship options and how you can become a "Sponsor" to enable the HRT to continue providing critical services and support to people living in the impoverished communities of the Overstrand.

Please consider supporting one or more of our Social Carer's by becoming a Sponsor. Your sponsorship will “make a huge difference” as it will enable the Trust to renew the Social Carer’s contracts for 2013, and continue to provide the essential “Community and Social Development” services and support to the impoverished communities of the Overstrand in the Western Cape – South Africa.

” Programme

Our dedicated Social Carers have many years experience and are well trained in psycho-social support and counselling, HIV care and support, and parenting, lifestyle skills and early childhood development. They have been trained and mentored by 4th and 5th year Medical, Occupational Therapy, and Dietetics students from Stellenbosh University. The HRT, in partnership with the University has developed and implemented a “world-class” parenting and “early childhood development” programme which is currently being implemented as part of our highly successful “Parenting Worx” programme. Our Social Carer’s live in the communities that we serve and are trusted and  well respected for the contribution they make to the communities. They are the backbone of the HRT “Community and Social Development” programmes as they interact directly with the children, parents, family members, teachers, siblings and friends and are available to assist with any problems or referals, on a day to day basis. This also positions them to detect major issues like rape, abuse of women and children and crime.

Grant Funding Crises
Unfortunately the current government “Grant Funding” crises has created a situation where the HRT Social Carers will not be funded beyond March 2013. This will have a serious impact on all of our programmes, which has prompted the Board of Trustee’s to launch the “Sponsor a Social Carer” Programme. This programme will fund our Social Carers and continue to grow our programmes while we implement our “Sustainability Strategy” over the next 3 years, which will reduce our dependence on the erratic and unpredictable government “grant funding”.

The concept of the programme is to secure sufficient funding on a “month by month” basis to support our 12 Social Carer’s until such time as long term funding can be secured and our “sustainability strategy” becomes fully productive. To achieve this, the programme has been developed to provide both businesses and individual donors flexible and affordable opportunities to support the community by participating in this interim solution.

However to renew the Social Carer’s contracts for 2013 we need your urgent help and support.

By sponsoring a Carer, you will be helping the HRT to continue to provide the existing “Social Purpose” programmes to hundreds of Orphans, Vulnerable Children and disadvantaged families who depend on this support to survive. This is in the interest of everyone living in the Overstrand.

Every donation, no matter how small will go towards supporting a Social Carer and will contribute to alleviating poverty, hunger, malnutrition, child morbidity and the prevention of rape, abuse and crime.

The Altimate Target
The ultimate target is to secure sufficient funding to support 12 carers for one year. The requirement to support each Social Carer to enable them to do their day to day work is R2,200.00 per month ($244), 26,400 per year ($2,933). The total target for 12 Carers for the Year is R316,800.00 ($35,200).

(Current $/Rand exchange rate R9.00 =$1.00)

“Please Help us to Help Those Who Can’t Help Themselves”
The funding options are very flexible and affordable, providing both “one off” and “monthly payment” options for as little as R550.00.

Donation Payment Options

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The funding options are very flexible and affordable, providing both “one off” and “monthly payment” options for as little as R550.00.

Donation Payment Options

“One Off” payments to support each individual Social Carer

Any “one off” payment, R550.00 or more



“One off” 1 Month support



“One off” 3 Month Support



“One off” 6 Month Support



“One off” 12 month Support



“Monthly Payments” to support an individual Social Carer

Any “monthly payment” amount of R550.00 or more for any number of months you choose



2 “monthly payments" of R2,200.00 per month



3 “monthly payments” of R2,200.00 per month



6 “monthly payments” of R2,200.00 per month



12 “monthly payments” of R2,200.00 per month



Acknowledgement and Tax Relief.

Every Business and individual Donor will be acknowledged in our Newsletters, Financial documentation and on our new updated web site, being launched in may 2013.

The HRT is registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation, (PBO-18/11/13/1054) authorising us to issue 18a Tax certificates for Tax relief on donations, which we will gladly do if you request one.

Business Contribution to Society.
Any donation made by businesses to the HRT, a non-profit organisation, contributes to the  credibility of your “Triple Bottom Line” and can be incorporated in your yearly “Integrated Report”. (Global Reporting Initiative)

The donation can also be used to develop or attain your BBBEEE Scorecard through the “Socio-Economic Spend” (CSI) or “Enterprise Development” categories.

“Community and Social Development” Partner
The HRT has established itself as a leading “Community and Social Development” service provider in the Overstrand and is well positioned to partner with businesses to jointly make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged people living in the impoverished communities of the Overstrand. Aligning with a well established community development partner enables your business to elevate your public image locally and internationally and improve your “Triple Bottom Line” status and your BBBEEE scorecard rating.

“Please Help us to Help Those Who Can’t Help Themselves”

Payment Options.
Payments for the “Sponsor a Social Carer” programme can be made through bank deposits or Internet banking transfers to the banking details below.

In the case of multiple month options, we suggest that the payments are processed through a stop order on the 20th of each month, to enable us to pay the Social Carer’s on the 23rd of each month, in line with our payroll systems and their monthly commitments.

Our Banking Details;
Bank: ABSA Hermanus Branch

Account Holder: Hermanus Rainbow Trust

Account Number: 4057905316

Branch Number:  632005


Thank You for your interest in the Hermanus Rainbow Trust and our Programmes.

Please contact me for any additional information you may require about the “Sponsor a Social Carer” programme, or if you are interested in finding out more about our “Sponsor a Child” Programme or our “Business Partner” Programme.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Contact Details
Dave Wreford

General Manager / Administrator

028 316 4325

082 896 4345

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