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Children's Circle of Support

by Musa Marwana | Posted in Social Purpose | No comments yet. | 800 views on this post

The Children's Circle of Support focuses on Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) with the aim of improving their quality of life and providing them with the necessary support to enable them to live a reasonable life.

The Children’s Circle of Support programme provides over 200 orphans and vulnerable children 2 meals a day, “after school” activities, uniforms, clothes and psycho-social and counselling support. The prime objective in the current environment is to ensure that as many children as possible can be accommodated in this programme. Since the funding crises we have had to reduce the number of children that we can feed and support and this has resulted in some childrenbeing forced into joining gangs and to turn to crime just to survive from day to day. 


It is important to fully understand that both our “Children’s Circle of Support” and our “Sponsor a Child” programmes focus on preventing the children from joining gangs and turning to crime.

This is where “CRIME PREVENTION” must begin.

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