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HRT Partners, Funders, Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers

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The HRT Trustee's, Management Team, Social Workers and Carer,s and all of our Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Disadvantaged Families want to thank all the people that have made it possible for the HRT to provide "Community and Social Development" services and support to the impoverished communities in the Overstrand.

Without the support of all the generous funders, sponsors, donors, partners and volunteers, over the last few years, the Hermanus Rainbow Trust would not be able to continue providing comprehensive "Community and Social Development" services and support to the 5 impoverished communities we serve in nthe Overstrand. You are the lifeblood of the organisation, and we value your commitment to improving the lives of the Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Disadvantaged Families.

Our main Funders: (past and present)
    Western Cape Department of Health (WCDoH)
The WCDoH has been instrumental in getting our Home-Based Care and HCT/Lay Counselling projects off the ground. They provide not only funding for these operations, but also guidance, support and assistance with project coordination
    National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF)
The NLDTF has been sponsoring the Hermanus Rainbow Trust since 2007, and have contributed to operational, capital and project costs. We were able to purchase a 15-seater Toyota Quantum, a Toyota Condor and 3 Kymko scooters from Lotto funds in 2009
    Western Cape Education Department (WCED)
The WCED provides subsidies for our Grade R school, which covers basic teacher salaries and some educational supplies
    Starfish Foundation
The Starfish Foundation provides financial support for our Children's Circle of Support programme, and provides technical assistance with project monitoring and evaluation
    A1 Hyper Chickens and Bayside Foods
A1 Hyper Chickens and Bayside Foods have supported the Hermanus Rainbow Trust right from its inception. With their support, the Trust would not have been able to grow and develop to its current capacity. These two related companies provide essential operational funding
    Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA)
The HPCA has taken on the Hermanus Rainbow Trust as a development site, and we were recently awarded a one-star HPCA organisation rating. HPCA provides us with financial support in addition to adminsitrative and technical guidance
    Western Cape Department of Social Development (WCDSD)
The WCDSD contributes towards our Social Care and Children's Circle of Support programmes

We would also like to thank the following companies and organisations for their continued and vital support:
    Newton-Johnson Wines
    Bouchard-Finlayson Wines
    Walker Bay Nursery
    Arabella Golf Estate
    Harbour Rock Restuarant & Gekko Bar
    Alex Grant Pharmacy
    SBS Conferences
    Annique Skin Care
    Defy Milnerton
    Montego Bay Clothing
    Pro-Am Clothing
    IPIC Property Management
    Leisure Group
    Investec Bank Ltd

    William Holmes Family Charitable Trust
    Hubbards Cupboard
    Peninsula Plumbing & Engineering Works
    Hermanus Factory Shop
    Hermanus Rotary Anns
    Hermanus Rotary

    The Benevolent Fund
    St Vincent de Paul Society
    Marine Hotel
    The Purple Room Marketing Consultants
    PSG Konsult Management Services
    Shade Alley

    Don Adams Accounting
    Hermanus Toyota
    Village Health
    A Stewart Pharmacy
    Hermanus Pharmacy
    Hermanus Esplanade Self-Catering Appartments

And finally, a special thank you to all our individual donors and volunteers, whose contributions are invaluable:
Mr Billy Alazraki
Mrs Irma Bezuidenhout
Mr Butlerman
Cindy van der Heuvel and her class
Mr & Mrs JC & Carolyn Martin
Mrs Sylvia Carter
Mr Andre de Haes & Michael Rothkopf
Mrs Gita Finlayson
Mr Alan Grant
Mr & Mrs FJ & Helen Gardiner
Mr & Mrs John & Ann Horn
Mrs Sally Hebbert
Mr Murray Heron
Mrs Philippina Hellings
Mrs Jenny Jackson
Mr Kobus le Roux
Mrs Joan Millen
Mrs Diane McLaughlin
Mr Bruce Myles
Mr Deon van Vuuren
Mr Hans Oostenbrink
Mrs Joan Quinn
Mr Percy Heywood
Mr Adrian Kuiper
Mrs Janet Mackay
Captain Julies
Mrs Jane Relly
Mr Steve Drury
Mr & Mrs K Trueman
Mr Johnny Cardosa
Mrs PM Walton
Mrs Eirene Hoving
Mrs Irene Saunders
Mr & Mrs Frank & Christine Brennecke
Mr & Mrs Sven & Elke Naters
Mr John Saunders
Mrs Angela Leary
Mrs CE du Plessis
Mr Michael Walsh
Mrs Midge Dods
Mrs Sue McNaught
Mrs Francesca Cumberbirch
Mrs Melanie Holloway
Mrs Morag Swanepoel
Mrs Madeline Travis
Mrs Elke Lager
Mrs Moira Ricco
Mrs Louise Makepeace
Mrs Siri Hotson
Mrs Leny Kooistra
Mrs Joanne Leggett
Mrs Rosemary Adendorff
Mr & Mrs T Hermanson
Mr & Mrs D Johnson
Mrs Hestea Verster
Mrs Shiela Berry
Mrs E Vosloo
Mrs E Lemmer
Daniel Cumberbirch
Mr & Mrs Louis Kruger
Mrs Lettie Watson
Mrs Jenny Jackson
Mr Don Adams
Rotary Interact Club of Hermanus High School
Mr Stefan van Zyl
Mr & Mrs Graham & Sally Kilbey
S Nell and Family
J. Davis and Family
The Hermanus Private School

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