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Farm Produce

 The "Rainbow of Hope" Tunnel Farm and Wormery

Our Agri-Business Tunnel Farm is located just outside Stanford on the Walshacres Farm. All our vegtables, herbs and berries are grown organically, however we are not formally "Organic Certified" as yet, as it is a very expensive and drawn out procedure.

HOWEVER - We guarantee that we do not use synthetic chemical based fertilisers or pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, synthetic addtives or sewage sludge, nor irradiation, or genetic engineering, or GMO seeds. We welcome you to visit the farm and see how we grow the produce. (Call Dave on 082 896 4345)

All of our Farm produce is jam packed with natural healthy nutrients and tastes fantastic.  The produce is seasonal and always fresh as it is picked the evening before it is sold or delivered to the Tuesday Market at the Organic Lifestyle Shop in Mimosa Street. We do deliver to "O N E CLUB" Membes who live in Hermanus. (see "Deliveries" for further information and "O N E CLUBto register as a Member - its quick, easy and it's free)

Natural Healthy Nutrients

If you are interested to find out what natural healthy nutrients our organic vegetables, fruit and herbs have, click on the appropriate picture on the product pages.

Certified Organic

HOWEVER to serve the people that require "Certified Organic" produce, we have partnered with a few local "Organic Certified" farms and sell their fresh organic produce through our "Organic Lifestyle Shop" in Mimosa Street in Hermanus at the Tuesday Organic Lifestyle Market. Find out More .... 

Because all our produce is seasonal and fresh we update the list of whats available at the Tuesday market, every Monday. However if you place an order by e-mail, becuase of the high demand for our organic vegetables, herbs and fruit, unfortunately certain produce might be sold out before we porocess your order. BUT in that case we will contact you and let you kinow. 

Supporting Hundreds of Orphans, Vulnerable Children & Disadvantaged Families in the Overstrand !   

Please browse our Site and find out more about the Hermanus Rainbow Trust "Social Enterprise" and how we provide comprehensive "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Disdvantaged Families living in the poverty ravaged communities of the Overstrand. More ....

Please remember, we are a non-profit "Social Enterprise", so everything you buy in the DELI and the Organic Lifestyle Shop will provide "AT LEAST" one meal for our children and families while also contributing to the administartion of our 5 "Social Purpose" programmes. More ..... 

“Buy ONE – Feed ONE”  Help Reduce Poverty and Crime !

Please join our Facebook page and tell your friends about us too !

Visit US at the Organic Lifestyle Shop and Rainbow Deli at 17 Mimosa Street in the Industrial Area

 Call us on 028 312 1036 - or drop us a mail - lana@rainbowtrust.community

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