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 The Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Market  


All of these products are "Certified Organic" (CO) and are grown on selected "Organically Certified" farms in the Western Cape. All od these farms adhere to the certification criteria and do not use any chemical fertilisers, pesticides or any other toxic chemicals. You are welcome to visit these farms to see how the vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown. Contact us on info@rainbowtrust.community

Certification Information here.

Please Note - our "Organically Grown" Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs are slightly cheaper that the "Certified Organic" Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs due to the excessive cots to get a farm "Organically Certified".  

If you are looking for "Organically Grown" (OG)  Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs you will find a list here.  

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