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 "Sponsor-a-Child" Payment Options 

We have many orphans and vulnerable children who desperately need your help. Find out more about the Sposor a child programmes.... 

Did you know ? 

3 out of 4 children go to school hungry every single day in South Africa. Without the right nourishment they can’t concentrate in class, battle to retain information and have terrible stomach cramps and opther ailments. Many of these children are forced to joing gangs to survive, but land up in the horrendous gang cycle of drugs, crime, rape, abuse of women and children ! 

Here is a chance for you to make a difference and save them from this horrendous alternative !

If you are interested in "Sponsoring a Child" please consider one of the following "multi-month" payment packages.

You can pay monthly or select a "multi-month" payment scheme (add to Cart below) to save bank charges. There are 2 payment options for each of the 4 "Sponsor a Child" Programmes -- 6 monthly and 12 monthly.

Please select the Programme you want to Sponsor and decide on the payment option - scroll to bottom of page and add to cart.

1.    Basic Child Support Programme. This programme is based on a monthly funding donation of R200.00. This provides a basic “food parcel”, toiletries and sundries like books, toys, electricity and paraffin, as required.

               6 Monthly option = R1200.00         12 Monthly option + R2,400.00

2.    Basic Development Programme. As schooling and development are such a critical part of the HRT’s mission we use this donation of R300 per month to provide school fees, basic clothing, a food parcel, toiletries and sundries

                 6 Monthly option = R1800.00         12 Monthly option + R3,600.00 

3.    Development Programme. This programme is the same as the Basic Development Programme with a monthly donation of R300, except that there is an additional R300.00 in the first month of the programme to provide the child with a full school uniform. The monthly R300.00 provides a food parcel, toiletries and sundries, based on the child’s personal needs.

         6 Monthly option = R1800.00 plus uniform for first 6 months, R300.00.   Total R2100.00

         12 Monthly option = R3,600.00 plus uniform R300.00. Total R3,900.00    

4.   Special Development Programme. This programme is the same as the Development Programme but is specifically for our children that are in our special needs Support Groups who require additional nutritious food and medication. The payment covers a full school uniform once a year ( R300.00), a monthly food parcel (R300.00) and monthly toilet pack and medication (R200.00). Total monthly amount of R500.00 per month. 

         6 Monthly option = R3,000.00 plus uniform R300.00. Total R3,300.00        

       12 Monthly option = R6,0000.00 plus uniform R300.00. Total R6,300.00 

Please select a "Sponsor a Child" programme and payment option below and Add to Cart for easy secure payment.

Thank you for your support !! You will improve the quality of life of a vulnerable child that is in despearte need of your help.

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